Driven to Find a Cure's youngest members are Garrette Randolph Jr.,  Owen McAllister, and Calista Randolph.  Friends at the track, these three 11 year olds represent everything that is terrific about grassroots motorsports.  The kids have not only performed well on the track, but have also delivered an important  message of philanthropy and education to the community.      
Owen pushing his own kart to the starting line past the big rigs and the trailers of the larger teams.





With strong ties to diabetes in both families, the kids felt they could use their karting interests as a platform to raise funding for diabetes education and research.  Rather than spending literally 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars on a racing budget, Owen, Calista, and Garrette's goal is to help the Driven team raise $50,000 for the JDRF.


Garrette, Owen, and Calista will all be competing in the 2016 Sanzaru Championship at SimRaceway in Sonoma, California.  Please help them support the JDRF in its mission to increase funding for diabetes research.

Calista Randolph


Like Owen and Garrette, Calista has direct ties to diabetes, and is delivering an important message in support of diabetes education and research.  Be inspired by the Driven team's youngsters in their efforts to support this important philanthropic mission!