The Driven Team

Driven to Find a Cure was created to support the JDRF's mission to end type 1 Diabetes.  The teams goals are to raise money to support JDRF research grants, to educate the community about the shortfall in federal funding for diabetes research, and to reach out to those who are affected by diabetes to provide an education and community resource.  Please help us in our campaign to support JDRF research programs. 
Todd McAllister
Driver, Car #39

Todd is the President and CEO of Cytograft Tissue Engineering.  He has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, and has dedicated his professional career to developing treatments for diabetes and the cardiovascular complications that often result from the lack of good blood glucose control. Todd's Father was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 39, so he understands the impact of diabetes from both a professional and a personal level.  His goal is to help cure diabetes before his son is 39.

Trent Bateman
Co-Driver, Car #39

Trent works for Lucas Films Industrial Light and Magic.  Trent is the co-driver for the DTFC's 2013 Subaru STi.  Trent personally understands the benefits of medical research.  Born with a congenital defect to the aorta and pulmonary arteries of the heart, Trent was the first child in the United States to undergo a novel and risky surgical correction.  Trent's position in the cockpit is a testament to the amazing impact that foundations such as the JDRF can have on individual's lives.

Malli Sheaffer
Co-Driver, Car #39
Dave Easter
Driver, Car #14

Dave is a former Commander in the Navy, flying F-14 Tomcats, and F/A-18 Hornets.  Dave was a Navy Topgun, so he understands something about speed and precision.  Dave was later a captain for FedEx, flying longhaul aircraft such as the MD 11 and the 777. Dave's Father died at age 53 from cardiovascular complications of diabetes, in an era well before continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.  The JDRF's mission to end type 1 diabetes is deeply personal to Dave. 

Jeff Andrews
Co-driver, Car #14

Jeff Andrews is a commercial electrician from Eugene, Oregon.  He is active in all sorts of off-road racing events, and is well known as one of the friendliest faces on the rally circuit.  Jeff's grandfather was a Medal of Honor nominee, and Jeff is a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior project. 

Brad McAllister
Driver, BMW Pro3 Car

Malli is a Manager at DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie, WA. DirtFish is the only rally school in the Northwest, and boasts top notch professional instructors, 315 acres of gravel, mud and tarmac to rally on. DirtFish brought lead driver Todd McAllister from his first drive in a rally car to a national caliber competitor in two short years. DirtFish also built Todd's 2013 Subaru STi from the ground up. Malli not only brings her skills as a co-driver to the team, but also helps the team raise funding for the JDRF with raffles and prizes from DirtFish Rally School.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more.

Brad is a Periodontist from Portland, Oregon. His practice is Periodontal Associates and one of his reconstructive specialties is to correct the oral complications linked to long-term diabetes. Brad's father is a diabetic, so like many other Driven teammates, he understands the importance of diabetes research from both a personal and professional perspective. Brad has been racing both club and pro racing most of his life.  With numerous wins, poles and track records he is poised to run at the top of the BMW Pro3 class and Great American Stock Car Series in 2015. See racing bio here.

Brent Smith
Crew Chief

Brent Smith is the owner of Ralli Candi Subaru Performance and Tuning and the Ralli Candi Race Team in Rancho Cucamonga. Brent and his mechanics are responsible for getting the Driven team to the finish line.  Few other motorsport endeavors require such dedicated involvement from the mechanics and crew.  Between stages and between races, Brent's team keeps the Driven team moving forward.  Brent is also the California Rally Series Open 4 wheel drive rallycross champion.  Look for Brent at his team at CRS rally-X events.

Jeff Emery
Co-Driver, Car #39

Jeff Emery is a co-driver for Car #39 and is a PhD biomedical engineer who has patented and developed a variety of medical technologies, including advanced blood glucose monitors, that benefit those with diabetes. He has been competing in many forums on behalf of charities for his whole life, such as in marathons, cycling gran fondos, and adventure racing.

Ron White
Driver Coach

Ron White is a former professional driver, and one of the top drivers in the Pro Mazda class.  Ron is also one of the top karters in the country.  Over the last 5 years, he has shifted some of his focus to driver coaching a car/kart preparation.  A car and driver prepared by Ron White is a tough combination to beat!  Learn more about Ron in ekarting news or at Ron White Racing.

Owen McAllister
Kart Driver

Owen McAllister is a 6th grader racing in the Iame X-30 Junior class.  Last year he was the vice champion in the Sanzaru Games Karting Championship in Sonoma, California.  Diabetes runs in Owen's family, and his father is a scientist dedicated to diabetes research, so he understands first hand the importance of the Driven team's mission.  Owen aspires to be a scientist or to drive in Formula 1.


“Like every person on the Driven team, I have a personal link to diabetes.  My father was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 39 years old.  My goal is to end diabetes by the time my son is 39."    Driver Todd Mcallister


Todd McAllister, driver, car #39