Research Makes a Difference


Over the last 30 years, research sponsored by the JDRF and other foundations has made a profound impact on the management of diabetes.  While yesterday's patients had few tools to track or control blood glucose levels, today's patients enjoy the benefits of medical devices like continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.  There have also been dramatic improvements in the management of the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.  Advances in cell biology offer true hope for tomorrow's patients.  Cell-based therapies are in clinical trials to reverse the damage of macular degeneration.  Other trials are testing the efficacy of transplanted stem cells that can respond to high glucose levels and produce insulin.  Visit to learn about other advancements in diabetes research.  There is little doubt that these regenerative medicine therapies, fueled by support from the JDRF, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the California Initiative for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and others, will become a clinical reality in the coming years.  Help us support this mission to cure type 1 diabetes by donating to the JDRF.