Rally Team


The Driven Team is participating in the 2015 Rally America stage rally national championship series.  This coast to coast series is televised on NBC Sports Network, and provides an ideal platform for the team to raise funds and awareness for diabetes research.   The team will also participate in NASA Rally Sport's Pacific Rally Cup, as well as select races in the California Rally Series and the Southwest Rally Series. See our Facebook page for our calendar of events.  Learn more about stage rally here.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 for diabetes research in 2015.


Simply put, JDRF sponsored research is having a dramatic impact on the lives of diabetics.  30 years ago, diabetes was managed with a daily injection of insulin, guided by an approximations of glucose levels determined by urinalysis.  Today, patients manage the disease with continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.  More recently, the promise of cell-based therapies suggests not only a treatment for complications such as macular degeneration, but a cure for diabetes.  With your help, we firmly believe that diabetes can be cured within the next decade.  Please help us support the JDRF by following the link below to our JDRF fundraising page. 



More than 26M Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, with more than 1M new cases diagnosed each year.  Despite the epidemic growth of this disease, diabetes research is underfunded relative to many other diseases.  HIV/AIDS, for example, receives more than 3-fold the funding despite a prevalence nearly 20-fold less.  Remarkably, the JDRF provided more than $100M in research funding last year, accounting for nearly 10% of the total budget spent on diabetes research by the entire federal government.  One of our goals is to not only help with this fundraising effort, but to bring attention to this lack of diabetes research funding .



One of our goals is to provide a sense of support and hope to the diabetic community.  Events at each race target pediatric and juvenile diabetics.  The team provides ride alongs and 'meet the team' functions at each race.  Along with this outreach efforts, the team provides information on the dramatic impact that the JDRF is having on the management and care of diabetes.  The team also provides adrenaline-filled opportunities for donors, including ride alongs at select races, gift certificates to rally and racing schools schools, and even the opportunity to drive a fully supported rally car at a rallycross event. See our Facebook page for updates, or learn more about opportunities for donors here. 

Fundraising Goal

"Team Driven to Find a Cure will participate in at least 4 Rally America national events in 2015.  With help from individual donors, our goal is to raise ~$50,000 for the JDRF."

Todd McAllister, team driver, car #39