Special Opportunities for Donors



The JDRF raises more than $200M each year to support diabetes outreach and research.  The Driven team is dedicated to supporting this incredible philanthropic effort.  To help thank our donors, our friends and partners have prepared variety of high adrenaline opportunities for donors that support our JDRF fundraising activities.  Visit our Facebook page for updated opportunities and event details.  Major events and opportunities are outlined below.

DirtFish Rally School

Our friends at the DirtFish rally school in Seattle, Washington have kindly donated a rally car experience for one of our lucky JDRF donors.  Dirtfish is the premier rally school in the U.S., and provides rally experiences that range from half-day corporate team building events, to 3 day private instruction packages that prepare drivers to receive a racing license.  Visit www.dirtfish.com to learn more about the schools and their amazing facilities.  All of our JDRF donors that make a donation  of $200 or more will be entered into a year-end raffle for this exciting opportunity.  Follow  the raffle event through our Facebook page.

Road Racing School

Details coming soon. 


All donors that make a donation of $200 or more will be entred into the raffle for this adrenaline filled opportunity.  Follow the raffle event through our Facebook page.

Rallycross Driving Experiences

Brent Smith and the folks at RalliCandi have donated a series of exciting prizes for JDRF donors.  Any of our supporters that make a donation of more than $250 to our Inland Empire JDRF fundraising page will be eligible for a rallycross ride along at one of the California Rally Series rallycross events.  Any donor that contributes more than $500 to our Inland Empire JDRF page will be entered into a raffle to have a fully sponsored drive in a CRS rallycross event.  The prize will include use of the  racecar, entry fee, and mechanical support at a Glen Helen Rallycross event.