Driven to Find a Cure

Dedicated to supporting the JDRF's Mission to end Type I Diabetes

The goal of the Driven to Find a Cure Team is to use motorsports as a platform to raise funding and awareness for diabetes research.  We are supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's (JDRF) remarkable efforts to end Type 1 diabetes.

Stage Rally 


Driven to Find a Cure is participating in America's premier stage rally events, with races ranging from Washington to Maine.  Look for the team in the Rally America National Championship, the Pacific Rally Cup, and the California Rally Series among other great events.

Sanzaru Karting


Our fundraising efforts extend to the Redline Oil Karting Championship at Sears Point Raceway.  With Junior karters in the Rotax Micromax and Minimax classes,  DTFC brings an important message of philanthropy to grassroots motorsports.

Road Racing


Driven to Find a Cure also fields teams in the Formula Car Challenge, the Great American Stock Car Series (GASS), and the BMW Pro3 race series.  These  races provide a   platform to convey the importance of diabetes education and the urgent need for  funding. 

Our Mission...

The JDRF was founded to help fund diabetes research with the goal of ending type 1 diabetes.  Each year, the JDRF provides more than $100M in funding to academic and entrepreneurial researchers.  This funding, fueled primarily by individual donors, represents nearly 10% of research budget provided by the entire federal government. The impact of JDRF funded research has been profound.  While there is still no cure for diabetes, devices such as continuous glucose monitors and wearable insulin pumps have fundamentally changed the way diabetes is managed.  The Driven team is inspired by the role that the JDRF has had in positively impacting diabetes.  Please join us in our goal of raising $10,000 for local JDRF chapters to help fund more critical diabetes research.

Real World Research...

Most of my career has been dedicated to treating the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.  More recently, our work at Cytograft has focused on strategies to deliver functional islet cells to patients with diabetes. One challenge to this approach is protecting the cells from the patient's immune system.  Using our cell-derived biomaterials, we hope to protect these cells.  This new approach, has been aggressively supported by the JDRF, and may be the first approach to a cure to diabetes that is both clinically and economically feasible. Our car's new livery depicts this approach.

Find our events on local JDRF chapter websites by clicking the fundraising button.

Todd McAllister, President and CEO of Cytograft Tissue Engineering, and driver of the car 39, Driven to Find a Cure Rally Team.